Satsang Exam Material

Swamishri’s Vision

It has always been P.P. Swamishri’s ruchi for his kishores and kishoris to do well on the satsang exams. In the past North America kishores/kishoris have had difficulty with the style of exam questions, which is why this study material was developed.

This website will allow for the distribution of the preparatory material for these exams. Any UNAUTHORIZED use or reproduction of this material is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


Satsang Exam Initiative

General Preparation Material

Previous Year Pre-Test Papers & Answers

How Do I Use the Study Matter?

What’s included?

  • One Month Syllabus (for January)
  • Detailed chapter questions for each book
  • Searchable text of the books provided
  • Flashcards with most used questions in the exam
  • 18 previous satsang exams (More recent Pravesh exams have chapter numbers next to the questions to let everyone know where to look for the answer)
  • Pre-Test papers for 2006 and 2007 exams.
  • Prarambh and Pravesh have past exam statistics complied.
  • Some audio books available in MP3 audio format.